Welcome to my page of animated works!


First, a brief summary of where I’m at: I have recently finished the animation on my independent experimental documentary, “Vermin”. Musician and soundscape artist Mark Vaughan is busy working on the hideous soundtrack, and I’m mulling over some post-production visual edits. Really hoping to have it all wrapped up in December of 2018. Here is a brief, low-resolution segment without sound:



TRADER TIME – for Ivan Coyote

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to work with storyteller Ivan Coyote. They asked me to animate a 4-minute segment of the multimedia stage show “Trader Time”, currently in development. Here is a still image of Ivan in front of a still from my segment:


WINDOW HORSES – for Ann Mare Fleming

I am so proud to have a small segment of animation included in the marvelous feature film “Window Horses”, by Vancouver film wizard Ann Marie Fleming. If you have any chance at all to see this ode to poetry (and humanism), please get out and enjoy it.

Here is the website for the feature film:

And, here is my teeny tiny segment:


In the summer of 2012, I was invited to animate a fifteen-second segment for an amazing collaboration pulled together by Jeff Chiba Stearns and the Meditating Bunny Studios. Honoured to have my work alongside a gang of legendary Canadian animators. Watch for the pregnant lady eating cake, that was me in the summer of 2012.

In April of 2010, I released “Don’t Tell Santa You’re Jewish!”, a 4-minute short about a little Jewish girl figuring out how to fit in at Christmastime. I call it my Jewish Christmas movie, and I’m happy to say that I continue to get festival and distribution requests for it!

In November of 2009 I released this film, “Home is Where the Food is”, with the 100-Mile-Diet Society. I got to interview my friend Tina Biello and to eat some amazing homemade, locally-sourced pasta. Take heed, this film will make you hungry.

I have also worked with the National Film Board of Canada, and completed two films with them. “The Visit”, which I animated for superstar Aboriginal Canadian director Lisa Jackson in 2009, and “Lost Monster Hop”, which I made as part of a three-month internship at the Montreal studios in 2007.

Working on embedding the videos, in the meantime please follow these handy links:


And finally, “Pinch”. This is my graduation project from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, from the year 2006. It’s an allegory on the subject of pain and co-dependence. It has won awards at several festivals, has been shown at over a hundred of them, and has been screened in all sorts of contexts, including mental health and addictions conferences.